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Arquitectura moderna
  • Verify & Audit models for Coordination

  • Federate & combine all the models

  • Perform Clash detections

  • Run Proximity and clearance checks

  • Keep you up to date with Coordination Reports

Coordinating your Projects:

BIM Coordination

Models from Revit, Archicad, SketchUp or 12D?

We specialise in coordinating models from multiple disciplines and software platforms, not just Revit!.

We are experts in using common and standard BIM models (IFC) in the CDE Platform of your choice.

Consultants with no previous experience with IFC? No problem. We also assist everyone export their files correctly regardless of their software of choice.

Issues Report and Resolution

We use best in class BIM communication tools - regardless of the software you use.

And if you already have a CDE and an Issue Management System, then we use what you use.

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